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Peace Makers
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Plot/Storyline: Though this is an AU (Alternate Universe) RPG, there is still a minor storyline that needs to be followed. Rufus is desperate to remove his father from power and makes the decision to kill him by getting the Turks to do the assassination. A major point to remember is that, to accomodate our timeline, the events at Nibelheim NEVER TOOK PLACE. References to the Cloud & Sephiroth events at Nibelheim will result in a reminder. Sephiroth is currently stationed in Junon, and Zack and Cloud are presumably still working for the military, though this is of course up to their players. Barret is currently in Midgar, starting a rebellion against Shinra..."

~*~*~Official Peace Makers RPG Application~*~*~
++The Name Game--Section One:++

Age (You must be at least 18 to play this game):
Gender (optional):
AIM Screen Name:
First Character Choice:
Second Character Choice:
Third Character Choice:

++Stuff We Want to Know--Section Two:++

*Have you ever done a LiveJournal RPG before? If so, which ones? Provide links and character names please, if possible.
*Have you ever had a blog? If so, which blogging tools have you used? (eg Livejournal, Deadjournal, Blogger, JournalFen...)
*Do you want more than one character?
*This game is AU. Can you cope with it?
*This game contains yaoi/shounen-ai. Can you cope with it?
*Have you done any RPing before? If yes, what format was it in? (eg script, 1st person present, 1 person past, 3 person present, 3 person past, etc)


"Basic Stuff:
1. This game has moderators. The mods have sole discretion when it comes to the rules. You may appeal to the mods, but whether they choose to accept your suggestion is their own prerogative.
2. You may choose your own characterization where and when it does not run counter to what bit of canon we're using. (for example, Cloud is neither gay nor straight in canon).
3. This game is open to players who will have characters of all sexual orientations. If you cannot accept this, then this is not the right game for you. For example, If someone chooses to make, say, Cid homophobic, and it doesn't run counter to canon, Cid can say "Screw you, you fucking fag," As long as the player is not insulting anyone OOCly.
4. Role Playing with the other players is a necessity, and, as most of it will be done over AIM, it is expected that all players have a screen name. The mods would prefer that there is one for each character.
5. Character must have their own journal. Don't use yours.
6. Be nice, be respectful, be canon. (See number 2 above)
7. Character journals must be updated at least once a week, unless the moderators are notified prior to an extended leave.
8. Rules are subject to change as needed.
9. If your character posts adult or non-worksafe material, use an LJ-cut with a warning.

The following things are grounds for immediate dismissal and banning:
1. OOCly insulting anyone based on their gender/sexual orientation/race/religion, etc, or doing so ICly when there is no In Character reason for such an offense. (This may be appealed to the mods, who have the final say in who will be banned or not.)
2. Non-posting. Going without posting for more then two weeks without having cleared it with a moderator is grounds for probation and possibly dismissal.
3. OOCly insulting or making another player feel hurt. If you have a grievance speak with the moderators, and they will try and find a solution.
4. Rules are subject to change as needed.

Regarding Posts:
1. OOC posts belong on the OOC community. All moderator posts will be marked "MOD". Additionally, please keep the OOC community on topic.
2. Emails, and private online or offline notes for other characters should be posted in the Community, behind an LJ-cut, with a note as to who they are for. If you do not know how to use an LJ-cut, refer here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75
3. Private entries should be behind an LJ-cut and marked as "Private".
4. If you want to lock a post to specific other characters, LJ-cut the post with the note "Locked to [Whomever]". Said person or persons must be on your character's friends list.
5. If you roleplay a scene, post a log to the community. If you post a log, please place it behind a cut-tag, as some people prefer not to be spoiled with OOC information, and it saves on space since most logs are fairly long. If you do not understand this rule, please speak with a moderator.
6. This is subject to change at the discretion of the moderators.

Regarding Icons:
Icons are strongly preferred, but not required."

*Do you agree to abide by the rules and show respect to your moderators and fellow players?
*Do you understand that disobeying any of these rules will get you a warning, that the second time you will get a 3 day suspension after which you will be required to post an apology, and the third time you will expelled from the game?
*Would you be willing to sell your soul?

++Prove Yourself!--Section Three:++

For every character you apply for, you are required to submit the following:

1.) An example of a journal entry for that character (this may be used as their first post)
2.) A brief explanation of how you would fill in blanks in canon information, and how you see the character.
3.) Where you are hoping to go with this character. e.g. Who are they most closely tied to and to what faction do they owe their loyalty to, if any, at the start of the game? Also, where are they physically located at the start of the game eg Junon, Midgar, Costa del Sol, etc?

You will be required to do a bit of role playing before you will be accepted. This helps us to make sure all our players are compatible and that our characters interact well, as well as to make sure they are believable. This also helps us to narrow down on multiple requests for the same character. If you are not selected for your first choice, when we inform you of that we will then request that you fill out an application for your second choice.

If you are not accepted at all, we hope that you will read along with us and watch as our AU unfolds. An announcement will be made when a fan community is created. Please show your interest and support by emailing either skywise_fhar@yahoo.com or titchymidget@netscape.net.

++Characters You Can Have--Section Four:++

We are accepting applications for the following characters:

Don Corneo
Mayor Domino
Deputy Mayor Hart

We already have the following. Requests for these characters will deem you illiterate and ban you for life from this RPG on the basis of stupidity:

President Shinra
Cait Sith

All done? Got it worked out? Great. Email it to Manda (chief moderator) at titchymidget@netscape.net or Jordan (manwhore extroidinaire) at skywise_fhar@yahoo.com. If you have any questions, feel free to hit Manda up on AIM at "presidentofsouls."