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Oct. 6th, 2004 @ 03:35 pm (no subject)
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Elena smiled happily as she clicked off the lights in the President's office and headed back down to hers. She'd actually managed to get him out of the building before midnight and was feeling rather pleased with herself.

Zack appeared in a black muscle tank top, his Buster Sword ever present on his back. "He'll be okay right?" He had to make sure the President would be safe.

She giggled. “Yeah, he’ll be fine.”

Zack relaxed a bit, feeling better knowing the President would be safe. He eyed what she was wearing and nodded in approval. Her dress was a nice shade of blue....it suit her well. "You look nice." He told her, giving her a small grin.

"I know," she replied with a small wink. "So where are we going for dinner?" She finished shutting things down and off and turned to face him, leaning against the desk.

Instead of replying with the first few that popped into his head due to her leaning, he settled for an answer that wouldn't make her think of him as more obnoxious than she had stated earlier. "To a place where people eat." So much for not being sarcastic. Heh.

Elena grinned and looked at him. "You're still obnoxious. You'd better drop that attitude, mister, or else." She winked to show she was teasing him.

He rested a hand on his hip, which actually turned out to make him appear cool. He smirked a little. "Or else what?" He teased back.

"Or else I'll get somebody to hurt you." Elena teased, leaning towards him a little. She had to practice her flirting if she was going to get Tseng.

Zack chuckled at that, taking advantage of any view her lean gave him, yet being quite discreet about it. He had practice at not being noticed when it came to checking someone out. "Unless you have close connections with Sephiroth, no one can beat me."

"I have the President on my side."

"He can have me ordered to be killed, but he can't do it himself." He countered.

"I could sneak up on you," she replied. "You'd never know what hit you."

He snickered. "You're right, I'd be wondering why there was a sudden draft around me."

Lightly, Elena swatted his arm. "Shut up, smart ass, and take me out to eat."

"Sure thing." He replied, pretending to make a pained expression as he grabbed her hand and led her into the elevator.

She squeezed it gently. "It's not that horrible."

"Are you sure? Cuz I could swear I may have a bruise from that slugging you just gave me." He winked and pushed the button for the first floor.

Elena rolled her eyes. "Oh please. I didn't even tap you. I can hit way harder than that!"

Snorting, he let go of her hand and stood in front of her, sticking out his chin. "Go ahead, I dare ya."
She glared at him. "Are you mocking me?"

He shook his head. "No way, I wanna see if you can hit me." He replied honestly.

"All right." she said, shaking her head. She swung....and missed, spinning and landing in his arms.

He smiled warmly as he caught her, which you'd never expect from anyone else in SOLDIER....he seemed genuinely nicer than the rest. "That was a good try, but I like you better in my arms."

Elena pushed off of him and pulled away, landing a solid hard hit on his arm. "Yeah, well, you can keep dreaming!"

"Whatever you say....but I think you missed just so you could land in my arms." He smirked as the elevator stopped at the first floor and opened it's doors.

"Ha!" She snorted in disbelief. "Well, whatever helps your ego. Not that it needs it."

He shrugged. "You're clearly in denial." He assured her as he stepped out of the elevator, returning her little jab to his arm with a light one of his own.

"Least I'm pretty." Elena teased.

"You are, but I'm prettier." He stood tall and puffed out his chest.

She giggled. "No you're not. You're handsome. Your hair makes you look too much like a porcupine to be pretty."

"Ha. That's true....so you think I'm handsome eh?" He chuckled and gave her a wink.


He grinned and rocked back and forth on the heels of his boots. "You can't say maybe if you already said I'm handsome."

"Oh yes I can."

Zack blinked and scratched his head, shrugging a bit afterwards and tucking his arms behind his head. "If you say so."

She beamed at him again. "I do say so."

He eyed her a bit and bit back the urge to laugh, settling for shaking his head a bit. "Come on, let's get outta here." He jerked a thumb at the double door entrance.

"Ok!" She agreed cheerfully. "I'm hungry."

He grabbed a hold of her hand again and led her outside where his motorcycle was parked. "You don't mind riding one of these, right?"

Elena shook her head. "I don't mind. So long as you promise not to kill me."
He did a mock salute. "Yes'm." He muttered before helping her onto the bike.

She slid her arms around Zack's waist as he climbed on as well. "This'll be fun. I haven't been on a motorcycle in ages."

"That's good....Cuz I don't plan on going slow!" He pushed the petal and revved up the bike, squealing away as he did a wheelie and spun out.

Elena laughed and clutched him tight, enjoying the feeling of the wind messing up her hair.

Zack laughed as well, enjoying the fact she was holding on to him tighter. Of course, he was going fast, so it only made sense for her too....but still. He turned a corner sharply, hoping she'd like where they were going.

Elena watched the city fly past them as they zoomed through it, trying to figure out where exactly Zack was taking her. She hoped it was somewhere really good.

After a few minutes of fast driving, he put on the breaks, causing them to slide sideways as he turned the bike to park perfectly on the side of the road....in front of a strip club. "Here we are!" He remarked cheerfully, hopping off of his bike and holding out his hand for her to take.

Elena took his hand, letting him help her off the bike. "You have got to be kidding me! A strip club, Zack!?'

He nodded with a smirk, holding on to her hand and leading her to the entrance, abruptly turning to his left just as they reached the first step, instead heading for a place called, "Benny's Garden."

"Wow. I've never been here before." she said, temporary anger at Zack completely forgotten.

"Really? Neither have I, I usually just go next door." He chuckled and opened the doors to the wonderfully located restaurant.

"Boys." she muttered.

"Ha. I don't see any of those around here." He replied easily as they were seated in a booth with a window view, menus placed before them.

Elena giggled. "You're a boy."

He snorted as his eyes scanned the menu....and Elena. Heh. "Think again....I'm all man."

"Except the hair."

He frowned a little, running a hand through it. "Actually, it's a lot softer than it looks."

"Let me feel," Elena said. "Lean forward."

Nodding, he leaned forward, bowing his head a little. "No prob babe."

Elena ran her hands through Zack's hair. "Wow. I think your hair may be softer than the President's." She winked. "Just don't tell him I said that."

He smiled and nodded as a waiter appeared to take their orders. 

After they ordered and the waiter had gone away, Elena sat there, playing idly with her napkin.

"Wanna play football?" Zack asked, watching her play with the napkin.

"Football?" She asked.

Zack nodded as he eyed the napkin. "Need some paper...." He muttered to himself as he dug into his pockets and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. Smoothing it as best as he could, he folded the paper in different parts until it took the form he needed. "See? Football."

"Ok..." she said, studying it. "And what are you supposed to do with it?"

He took the football and plucked it across the table, the tip almost resting on the edge. "If the tip can stop over the edge without falling, it's six points." He grabbed the football and made a field goal looking sign with his fingers. "Then, to kick the field goal, you have to pluck it in between the person's fingers." He flashed a grin and set his hands down. "Ya got it?"

Elena grinned back. "All right."

"Alright then....Oh, and if your football falls off the table three times, I get to try for a field goal, k?"

"Ok. I'm willing to try. Bet you'll kick my ass though." she said with a wink.

He smirked. "You never know." He said, taking the paper football and plucking it, the football stopping somewhere in the middle.

Zack held back a laugh since she was a noob. "You use your finger to try and flick it to my end of the table."

Elena flicked it gently, watching hopefully as it skittered almost to the edge and stopped. "Hmmm...not quite hard enough."

He nodded. "Close though." He flicked it back over to her side, but not quite edge worthy.

Elena flicked it back harder, football stopping just over the edge without tumbling over. She smirked at Zack. "How's that?"

He rolled his eyes. "Luck." He muttered, tossing the football to her and setting up his hands in the form of a field goal.

Elena studied it. "Any trick to flicking this thing?"
"Sure. Flick it in the middle." He lied, giving her a grin.

"Hmmmm....you sure you're telling me the truth?"

"Course babe. Flick the football in the middle."

Eyeing him suspiciously, Elena complied...and failed rather miserably. She gave him a playful Look. "Thanks for the advice, Mr. Helpful."

He snickered as he tried a flick, the football going over the table. "Aw, damn."

"Poor thing."

"Tell me bout it." He slid under the table and sat beside her. "Man, that game stinks."

She giggled. "Then why'd you suggest it, huh?"

"You know....I have no clue." He chuckled lightly to himself.

Elena didn't have anything to say to that, so she smiled instead.

"You have a nice smile." He told her, setting his arm gently around her neck, but not close enough to make her uncomfortable or anything.

"Thank you," she replied. "Yours isn't so bad yourself."

"Course it isn't!" He agreed, laughing lightly.

Elena snorted. "And you're modest too!"

He scratched his head. "Yeah, modesty is my middle name!" 'At least it isn't Molly.' He thought to himself as he thought of Rufus and snickered.

"Beats....somebody else's I know." She'd almost mentioned Rufus's middle names. Lord knew the man had too many. None of which weren't embarrassing.

"Yeah....thank God for newspapers." He said, wondering when the grub would arrive.

"Newspapers?" she asked, as the waitress set their order down in front of them.

Zack clapped his hands together and quickly began to eat. "Yeah....you know....they're paper....with news." He snickered.

Elena took a bite. "That was a completely random subject change" she pointed out.

"Oh....sure thing." He mumbled, stuffing his face happily. It was clear that he was tired of cafeteria food.

"Boys." she muttered, and dug in.

"Cute girls." He responded, taking a gulp from his drink.

Elena responded by rolling her eyes. "Soldiers."

He smirked and nudged her with his elbow. "Secretaries."

Her lip twitched in response. "Children."

He thought for a second. "Babies?"

"Hush." she ordered, eating some more.

"Yes'm." He replied, taking his roll and dipping it into various parts of his plate.

Elena watched him for a moment. He was cute, and he was amusing, but he was no Tseng.

Zack blinked as he finished off his plate. Was she watching him? Oh well, he supposed it was a good thing, and he didn't really mind. He took a gulp from his glass once more.

Shaking her head to clear it; Elena went back to her food, finishing not too long after Zack did.

Zack leaned back and looked out of the window. "So, you have fun so far?" He asked, looking back to her.

"Yeah, I am, actually. It's been awhile since I've gotten to go out and have some fun."

"That makes two of us babe." He stood up and stretched. "You still got some energy left in ya, or didja wanna go home?"

She bounded to her feet. "I've got more energy in my hands than you have in your whole body, Soldier-boy!"

Zack smiled and tapped his chin in mock thought. "You know....that sorta sounded...." He shook his head and motioned for her to lead the way.

"I know." she winked, stepping out and away from the table. "So what do you want to do next?"

It was one dirty remark after another! He chuckled, grabbing her hand and leading her towards the exit as he tossed a small bag of Gil onto the table. Yeah, he was a good multitasker. "You'll see!"

And Elena was an excellent tease, and sneaky besides. One had to be, with Rufus riding them all day.

He led them out of the restaurant. "Sure you don't want to go to the strip joint?" He asked, jerking a thumb in it's direction.

Elena smacked him. "I'm sure. Why on earth would I want to watch another woman strip and hump a pole?"

He gave her hand a light kiss. "It was a joke babe."

She leveled a Look at him. "Don't call me 'babe.'"

"But I've been doing that." He pointed out, amused she just noticed.

"Yeah, well... you can stop." she replied, sticking her tongue out at him.

He shrugged, still holding her hand. "So I can still kiss you? Cuz you never said I couldn't do that."

A teasing smile was on her lips. "Nope."

He kissed her hand again. "Oops, I slipped."

Elena laughed. "I suppose you did."

"Ready to go now?" He asked, leading her to where his bike was parked.

"Sure, but where are we going?"

"To a place where none return!" He said in mock mystere, helping Elena on the bike and hopping on after her.

"You can't bike to Costa Del Sol." she joked.

"Good one, but we aren't going there!" He shouted as he revved up the bike.

Elena wrapped her arms around his waist. "Thanks, but then why won't you tell me where we're going?" she shouted back.

"Just so I can leave ya guessing!" He shouted back, pushing on the gas as they zipped forward.

"Like I needed something to do back here to occupy my time other than cling to you for dear life!"

"You know you like it!" He exclaimed as he took a sharp turn around a corner.

"Shows what you know!"

"If you didn't you woulda ditched me a long time ago!" He countered, leaning forward slightly to gain more speed.

Elena clutched him a little tighter, keeping her head lowered to avoid getting impaled by his hair. "Maybe, maybe not!"

"Ah, surely you jest!" He hollered, pretending to sound slightly proper.  

She could play along with that. "What, a lady jest? Surely you don't mean to imply that I would do so!"

"Why yes, I believe I am! For that, I shall take away your tea and crumpets!"

She gasped. "You wouldn't dare!"

"I would my dear, I would!"

"That's inhumane!"

"Then test me not!"

Elena laughed. "Or you'll what?"

"Pleasure you till you pass out!" He said, deciding he might as well throw in something off the wall.

"That's not exactly incentive to behave."

Zack laughed as he smoothly parked his bike in front of a nearby run-down park.

"Wow. This is...out of the way."

He hopped off the bike and nodded. "Ever been in the slums?" He asked her.


"I see....it's okay. You won't be hurt if I'm around." He grabbed her hand again and led her towards the playground area, where, surprise surprise, no kids were at.

Elena looked around. It was so drab and...dusty looking. Blech. "If you say so."

"How come you never come around here?" He asked her, his eyes sweeping the area so he'd be sure to not be surprised by anything.

"It's more than a little out of my way, for one thing," she remarked dryly. "For another... well...for an area that seems to be populated entirely by transsexuals, cross-dressers, and homosexual men, this area is still pretty dangerous for a single girl, no matter how well she does or doesn't fight."

"Yeah, it sucks to live here." He mumbled to himself, because it really did suck to live here.

"Do you live here?"

"Yeah....I try to help the people that live around here, they seem to think we're the enemy, but I've convinced a few that I'm a good guy."

"That's a good thing." she said with a smile.

"Yeah....better than being one of those Turks, I tell ya what."

"I dunno...I think it'd be fun to be a Turk."

"I guess....I never thought you were into kidnapping and killing civilians though."

"I'm not...but...well...oh, you wouldn't understand."

"Why? Cuz I'm just a dumb Soldier?" He asked softly, tilting his head to the side.

She shook her head. "Rufus says that almost none of the Soldiers are dumb...and...Well...I kind of like the head of the Turks."

Zack stopped for a moment. "Oh. I see....and you were hoping he'd get...." He backed away a step and nodded. "Silly me."

"I think....I think Rufus has a thing for him though."

"Must be the dot." He suggested.

"Oh, do you think the dot's sexy too?" She asked.

"No. If I did, I wouldn't be interested in going out with you, right?"

She laughed. "Fair enough."

'Yeah, I don't use people.' He thought to himself, shaking his head and giving her a small grin. "I suppose so."

Elena was quiet for a moment, though she was smiling...and a bit nervous. The general atmosphere around her seemed a bit...off. And creepy.

He sighed. "You really shouldn't be so scared, but I suppose Dot Boy would make you feel safer, huh?" He shook his head.

"I don't know if it's possible to feel safe down here," she said. "And don't call him 'Dot Boy.'"

"I feel safe here." He replied, tucking his hands behind his head.

"Yeah, but you're in SOLDIER. I'm just a lousy secretary."

"Aw, I'm sure Dot Boy doesn't mind that." He assured her, purposefully using Tseng's new nick name.

Elena swatted him playfully. "What did I just tell you about that?"

Zack feigned surprise and snapped his fingers. "Did I say that out loud?"

She laughed. "You're amusing."

"Always good to know. But hey, I suppose you probably wanna get out of here, huh?"

An enthusiastic nod was his answer. Elena was plenty creeped out by it, and she'd seen the reports of rebel activity in the area. All in all, it wasn't somewhere she wanted to be.

"Then let's get you back home." He said, helping her back onto his bike.

"Mmmm. Home sounds good. Except that I need to go back to HQ and make sure Rufus got home ok. I don't entirely trust that kid he hired to get him there safely."

He waved a hand dismissively. "The kid? He'll be fine."

"I think that if he encountered Rufus in a mood he'd piss himself."

He nodded. "If you say so, but I'm tellin ya, the kid is cool." 

"We'll have to wait and see then, won't we? But I still need to go back and close up Rufus's office."

"Sure thing." He replied, hopping on his bike and driving away back to the headquarters.
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