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Sep. 5th, 2004 @ 11:46 pm (no subject)

Cloud had been wandering up and down the stairs of the ShinRa building for HOURS. Finally, he just got sick of it all and plopped down in the cafeteria. He couldn't find anyone who'd bring him up to the President's office. Well, his appointment wasn't for a little while, but he had been really, really anxious to get there, and a good soldier's always early, right? Hurry up and wait?

Sighing, he drummed his fingers on a table and looked around the otherwise empty cafeteria.

Zack yawned, deciding to come down the cafeteria for some "food", because it sure wasn't normal food that he was used to. He stood at the counter to look at the menu, his huge Buster Sword strapped firmly to his back as he whistled a light tune.

As the dark haired Soldier walked into the cafeteria, Cloud couldn't help but look up and watch him. Jealous. Cloud remembered seeing this guy from when he took the Soldier test before. By the looks of the uniform, the black haired dude passed HIS test.

Zack ordered his food and grabbed the metal plate, with all the essentially dreadful looking copies of your basic food groups. Turning around, he spotted some guy he vaguely remebered from testing and walked over to where he sat. "Hey." He mumbled, sitting down in front of the oddly hair styled kid.

Cloud looked up, surprised that someone was talking to him. He straightened his posture a bit and nodded, trying not to sound too much like a little pussy. "Hey." He repeated. "I met you at that Soldier test, right?"

Zack nodded a bit, eyeing the green beans in mock fear. "Yeah, I made it into First Class, what about you?"

Blinking, Cloud looked down at the table, picking at the formica. "Nah...they told me to try again in 6 weeks...but...the President wants to talk to me now, so I guess I'm gettin' some kinda promotion at the very least."

"Well that's good." He replied, skipping the green beans and biting into a roll, chewing much more than he was sure he had to.

Cloud nodded shakily. "Uh...my name's Cloud, by the way." He noted quietly. He definately wasn't used to people sitting down to talk to him, and he was a bit nervous.

Swallowing, Zack held out his hand. "Name's Zack....So Cloud, what made ya join ShinRa in the first place? Was it for a girl?"

Uh...Cloud's face flushed. It WAS in part to impress Tifa, but..."Nah, I just wanted to make somethin' of myself. There's nothin' in Nibelheim." He fidgeted. Cloud was always a horrible liar.

Zack grinned a bit, taking another bite from the Dreaded Roll Of Staleness. "Whatever you say man, whatever you say."

"What, you don't believe me?" Cloud looked up, slapping his hand agains the table for a bit.

Zack shook his head. "Sure don't." He swallowed the roll and offered Cloud the soda that came with it.

Cloud declined the soda. It made his stomach hurt. But, the fact that this guy didn't believe him, and SAID it, bothered him. It bothered him a LOT. "Why not?" He asked, slightly defensive.

Zack shrugged and opened the soda. "Because of how you reacted when I asked. You're too easy man."

Too easy! Cloud's jaw dropped a little. "...okay fine." He muttered. "There's a girl back home that I really wanna impress. But...I wouldn't do anything in Nibelheim anyway! Why did you join?"

Zack closed Cloud's mouth shut. "Ever hear of Gongaga? You think you had no future in Nibelheim, you should live there for a few days."

Cloud shook his head. He sure hadn't heard of Gogonga. "So, you kinda left for the same reasons as I did?"

He shrugged, his sword moving a bit with him. "Pretty much, except for the girl part." Of course Zack knew he could easily change that around for himself.

Cloud made a small grunting sound at that reiteration. "Well..." He didn't have anything to say to that. He checked the clock on the wall, finding that it was a little closer to his appointment time now. "I guess I gotta go and see what my new assignment is."

"Probably to work Junon security." He teased him, smiling a little as he got up with his tray. "You want me to come along?"

"Um..." Cloud DID want someone to show him around, but...well, this guy would probably call him on another bluff, right. "Uh, okay, I've been have trouble getting to the upper floors."

Zack nodded knowingly as he dumped his tray. What a waste of money. "No keycard for the higher levels huh?"

Cloud shook his head. "They don't give 'em to guys like me."

He nodded and motioned with his head for Cloud to follow him to the elevator. "Don't worry, I got one to take ya there with."
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